Changes at the OMNI Board

The OMNI Annual General meeting saw a change in two Board positions.  Bill Graebel (Graebel Movers International, USA) and Charles Luyckx (Elliott Mobility, South Africa) retired from the OMNI Board after each providing nine years’ service to the organisation.  Their places on the Board were taken by were taken by Garfield de Souza from Writer Relocations in India and Salvatore Ferrante from Crown Worldwide Moving based in the USA.  


Willy Toedtli, OMNI President, thanked Bill and Charles for their contribution saying how much he had enjoyed working with them. He also welcomed Garfield and Salvatore to the Board.


Photo: Bill Graebel (centre) and Charles Luyckx (left) receive gifts from Willy Toedtli in recognition of their nine years service on the OMNI Board