Gosselin guarantees monthly departures for export groupage

Gosselin in Belgium has announced that it will be providing guaranteed monthly groupage services to selected destinations including, initially: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, USA, UAE and India.  The company says that more destinations will be added in future. While the issues relating to transit times and departure dates with groupage shipments are well known, Gosselin guarantees monthly departures to these destinations.

The company says that household goods will be transported in lift vans to most destinations reducing the chances of loss or damage. It has also committed to providing clear communication for weekly updates for trade partners and their customers. Trade shipments can be delivered direct to Gosselin in Antwerp or Gosselin will collect by truck from across its footprint. Gosselin also provides origin services for agents.


The Future of Groupage

Gosselin has developed a special tool that enables its staff in all 56 offices across 34 countries to generate a quote with a simple click. The tool displays the next groupage departures and indicates the remaining container space. Gosselin will roll this out for external agents in 2024. The company says that it will combine the cost-effectiveness of groupage with a quality and reliable service, making it an interesting option even for Global Accounts.


LCL consignments can be included in groupage containers reducing DTHC/NVOCCC costs.  The company says the difference in transit time is minimal.