Grand Canyon - USA

Why Choose OMNI

OMNI movers are 100% vetted for supply chain confidence

It is essential for all the world's leading organisations to be able to prove that they take all possible precautions to prevent corruption within their extended supply chains. OMNI is the only global moving and relocation network that is 100% vetted thereby providing assurance for its movers and their customers.

All OMNI movers are vetted by the head office using the Dow Jones Risk and Compliance Service. In addition all OMNI movers use Dow Jones to monitor their entire supply chains to identify any incidents of corruption and mitigate against those risks for their corporate customers.

Other key customer benefits of using OMNI movers include:
  1. Global network: OMNI trading partners trust in each other's competence, integrity and local knowledge and work together by choice not obligation.
  2. Corporate specialists: OMNI movers specialise in providing moving and relocation services to the world's largest and most demanding corporations.
  3. Financial security: OMNI movers are required to provide adequate financial assurances to their network partners.
  4. Highest service quality: OMNI insists that all its movers meet the highest industry quality standards in terms of facilities, training, administration and operational competence.
  5. Market leaders: OMNI movers selected from the market-leading companies in each local area: leaders in market penetration, industry influence, customer service and innovation.
  6. Information exchange: OMNI provides up to date industry information to its movers to ensure best practice is observed such as: shipping line financial stability, routing options, local commercial and political factors, data protection, compliance, service standards, training, technology, etc.