Update to Chilean Customs Requirements

OMNI would like to thank Luis Silva at Unipack SA, Chile for providing the following update to the Chilean customs requirements…



Please be advised that due new Chilean Customs regulations, the import procedure was changed for all the AIR SHIPMENTS weighting 300 kilos or more with immediately effect.

Thorough inspection for shipments over 300 kilos ( 660 lbs) gross

All shipments will require an additional thorough inspection performed by the moving company at airport facilities This is additional to the Customs inspection that is always performed. The fully inspection will delay clearance in 1 or 2 days and will increase destination and storage charges.

Detailed Packing list:

Like some other countries, Chilean Customs Authorities are requesting a fully detailed packing list, especially with clothing, electronics and wooden items. This request is mandatory for all air shipments regardless the weight.

  • Wooden items must be indicated in the Packing list (furniture, ornaments, picture or painting frames, among others).
  • A detailed item by item list is required. For example, the clothes must indicate the number of pants, shirts, shoes, etc.
  • Electronic devices must indicate type, brand name, model and serial number.
  • If the goods are placed in 2 or more crates, the packing list must indicate which items are in which crate.

The moving companies will not be liable for additional charges and/or the consequences for not meet these mandatory requirements. Some of the consequences can be, fines  additional charges, retention of the goods, destruction of the forbidden goods and smuggling prosecution.