Alfa Mobility Sweden AB

Alfa Mobility Sweden AB

Alfa Mobility Sweden AB

Alfa Mobility Sweden AB, Box 24053, 104 50 Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Telephone: 46 10 331 38 00  E-mail:
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About Alfa

Alfa Mobility 

Headquartered in Sweden, Alfa is the largest Scandinavian provider of mobility & assignment services. Our clients consist of Private, Corporate and Industry Partners who are focused on enhancing their strategic position by investing in Alfa’s core services: Immigration/Visa, Moving, Relocation and People Services.
Interconnected workforce with global performance
Our mobility & assignment services are delivered by 440 people across Scandinavia. With 11 offices throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland Alfa’s interconnected workforce manages mobility and assignment services in 145 countries annually; with a record of 24,400 mobility assignments in 2015-2016.
Alfa cares for people and businesses
Alfa, established in 1995 as a private company, is an innovative management owned company who has worked to see the enterprise be awarded with ISO and Triple AAA finance certifications and be as a member of prestigious worldwide mobility services organizations. In 2016, Alfa’s turnover reached USD 56 million. We are a security-conscious company with ISMS (Information Security Management System) monitoring technology, providing peace of mind for people on the move.
We want to be part of improving the lives of assignees and their families.

Our Core Values

Quality - Care - Sustainability



Alfa Quality Moving AB
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