Asian Tigers Philippines

Asian Tigers Philippines

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Asian Tigers Philippines, N-4 JY & Sons Compound, Veterans Complex, Taguig 1631, Philippines

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Founded in 1977 by Gerald Lane, land Moving and Storage soon became the preferred international mover in Manila. The new company was carefull to emphasize "quality" and "professionalism" from the outset and this emphasis continues.

Lane has approximately 100 employees. A full-time Human Resource Department and ongoing training help ensure that our "team" workds toward a common goal of "service" and "care." Lane is proud to have many employeeswho have celebrated 10 year and 20 year anniversaries.

Twenty three years later, Lane Moving remains the leader in household moving in Manila. Internationaly, it enjoys an excellent reputation and is selected for the disceming corporate market. More than 15,00 outbound moves and a similar number of incoming moves have been handled.

Lane and several other moving industry leaders recently joined forces and created Asian Tigers. The Asian Tigers are founded in 12 countries and we offer a higher degree of service and experience to our clients. In 1999, more than 18 million pounds/8.2 million killograms of househoild goods were packaged and shipped by our alliance. Each move witha Tiger generates a contribution to the Tiger Action Fund Administered by IFAW in the USA, this fund protect tigers in the wild.

Lane is also proud of it's recent FAIM accreditation by the world renowned auditing form of Ernst and Young. This program omposes strict quality measures on the international movers presidently, Lane is the only firm in the Phillipines to have attained it. It provides a common, measurable standard for the industry covering all parts of the moving proceess.



Our Broad Range of Services

  • International door-to-door household moves
  • Storage
  • Insurance
  • Residential Local Moves



  • Office Moves
  • Commercial warehouse services
  • Exhibition and factory moves
  • Project freight



  • Records Storage/File Management
  • Media Storage (aircon)
  • Pickup/Delivery
  • Packing/Indexing
  • Shredding/Destruction




    Lane operates from a 6,500 sq. m (65,000 sq. ft) office-warehouse complex in Taguig. It has more than 4,000 cubic meters of both conversion and airconditioned storage. Our complex is gated with 24-hour manned security, and color-coded access zones. Because fire safety is considered extremely important. Lane has invested in it's own fire fighting equipment, a mobile fire fighting pump and an independant water supply. Cleanliness and orderliness are apparent to any visitor and Lane welcomes client visits at any time.

    All storage movements and contents are computer registered and inventioned. Lane Records Centre is completely segregated and security controlled. It has client viewing rooms nd specialised vaults for electronic media storage.



      Lane operates a total of 25 vehicles including automobiles, motorbikes, light and heavy duty trucks. A dedicated machanic is charged with responsibility for vehicle cleanliness and maintenance. Daily driver inspections and more formal monthly inspections ensure compliance. Radiophones are used for official vehicle dispatch.


        Lane has a dedicated two-person MIS department responsible for it's hardware and software needs. Hardware includes 40 units of Pentium workstations running in Novell network operating in a Windows intranet environment. Software includes MS-MAIL, MS-OFFICE 97, Asset Tracking System and Accounting.

        Specialised software is used and is constantly being refined to meet our customers needs. We employ Oneils RSWin state-of-the-art Records Management System and Move Assist which is fully intergrated Unix-based shipment tracking system.

          Affiliations, Associatons

          Lane is a proud member of these organisations:
          Worldwide industry Organisations FIDI - Federation of International Movers (Onlt one in Manila)
          RHGFA - Household Goods Forwarders Association
          FEMA - Far East Movers Association
          AMSA - American Moving and Storage Association
          BAR - British Association of Removers
          LACMA - Latin American and Caribbean Movers Association
          OMNI - Overseas Moving Network Inc
          PIMA - Philippines International Movers Association

          Local Organisations
          AMCHAM - American Chamber of Commerce
          CANCHAM - Canadian Chamber of Commerce
          ANZCHAM - Australian-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce
          BBA - British Business Association
          ECCP - European Chamber of Commerce Philippines
          PCVC - Philippines Conventions and Visitors Corp

          Because of it's ongoing success over the years, Lane is financially strong and healthy.
          Bankers : Hong Kong Bank, Standard Charted Bank, bank of the Philippine Islands
          Auditor : Fernandez Santos, Lopez (KMPG)
          Legal : Sycio, Salazar Law Office, VE Del Rosario
          Insurance : Willis Corron (Lloyds of London) for transit.

            Our Clients

            Among the thousands of moves Lane has handled in its 23 years on ManilaGavernmental Philanthropic

            • More than half of the 70 Embassies and Consulates in Manila
            • World Bank
            • IMF
            • ADR
            • Department of Foreign Affairs
            • More than 30 of the missionary/charitable organisations
            • All of the major expatriate schools in Manila


            • Coca-Cola
            • Agrevo(Hoechst)
            • Roche
            • Schering
            • Novartis
            • Colgate
            • Bristol Myers
            • Gillette
            • BASF
            • Caterpillar
            • Keppel
            • Nestle
            • Philip Morris
            • Read-Rite
            • Intel
            • Goodyear

            Telecommunications and IT

            • Siemens
            • Ericsson
            • Lucent
            • Cable & Wireless
            • Alcatel
            • Nokia
            • Astec
            • Globe
            • Intel
            • Nortel
            • Sasktel
            • Fujitsu


            • Caltex
            • ABB
            • British Gas
            • BHP
            • Mobil
            • PGI
            • AEG
            • Unocal
            • Union Fenosa


            • Aetna
            • ABP
            • BPI
            • Bank Indosuez
            • J & H Marsh McClennan
            • Citibank
            • Bankers Trust
            • Chase Manhattan Bank
            • Cigna
            • BNP
            • Bank of America
            • Deutsche Bank


            • More than half of the 25 four and five star hotels in Manila
            • Sealand
            • American President Lines

            Construction and Development

            • Bovis
            • Fluor Dane
            • Black and Veach
            • Bechtel
            • Parsons
            • Parsons Brinckerhoff