Bolliger S.P.A

Bolliger S.P.A

Bolliger S.P.A, Via Piave, 26/30, 20016 Pero, Italy

Telephone: 39 02 844 721  E-mail:
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Our reputation, built solidly on trustworthiness and reliability, has contributed to a vast and enduring clientele within the corporate and multinational world. Within its flexible structure Bolliger, offers the same high quality standards and proportionally convenient costs to both corporate and private sectors.

It is important for corporates to outsource some services. Within its flexible structure Bolliger offers high quality standards and proportionally convenient costs to the corporates that need to relocate/move their personnel. Bolliger offers Companies a "door-to-door" service, followed from the beginning to the end by the same team, so ensuring the least possible interruption of the activity. Logistics and planning for office and industrial removals, company's specialised personnelfor internal moves of cleaning services.

Our offices in Milan, Rome, Florence, Spain and New York have a combined strength of 450 personnel plus 170 vehicles. We have a trusted association with the leading agencies within the customs, maritime and airfreight sectors for a full international coverage. The international character which has always distinguished our company allows us to guarantee a constant traffic from and towards all the continents, thus consolidating relationships of reciprocity with the best partners of the field.

Our Import and Export Departments manage any kind of shipment (land, sea, air) to any destination. Our company policy is certificates lend weight to this principle Dedicated software for a complete check of files. Bolligeris equipped with a tracking car pool allowing to solve whichever logistic problem. In order to safeguard goods' safety and security, it supplies vehicles provided with stuffings and lifts boards.

High quality standards and competitive quality for value services. possibility to choose the origin/destination agent for non European shipments. Our company policy is simply "Customer Satisfaction" and every facet of a removal is controlled with that aim in view. Our ISO 9002 and FAIMcertificates lend weight to this principle.

Bolliger can also offer you a relocation service with Professional Relo, a company of our group, information about the documents necessary to exit/enter the country. Logistics and planning for office and industrial removals, specialised personnel for internal moves of cleaning services.