Franzosini Intl. Movers

Franzosini Intl. Movers

Franzosini Intl. Movers, Via Tommaso Edison, 209 - 20019 Settimo, Milanese, Italy

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Franzosini has a modern fleet of about 40 trucks, mostly equipped with tail-lift platforms, air ride suspension, 'stair robots' and elevators. The right equipment and well trained personnel enable Franzosini to provide customers with a quality service at a reasonable cost.

The field of office removals requires the same level of expertise as individual household removals because customers cannot afford to allow productivity to drop for an extended period of time. Franzosini offers a complete service, enabling clients to concentrate on in-house organisational aspects of a move not the operational problems.

Domestic Storage, Logistics, Specialist Transport

Document storage is a field showing a constant growth. More and more corporate customers and authorities need help to manage storing their documents and files. Franzosini also distributes computers throughout Italy, furniture requiring on-site assembly and several other products requiring similar handling.


The company operates warehouses in Milan and in Rome providing a total 22,000 m2 of storage plus about 15,000 m2 yard. Franzosini owns a fleet of 150 ISO standard 8' 1/2 steel containers - the same kind as used by maritime carriers in ocean transportation - which Franzosini puts at clients' disposal for their medium and long term storage needs. The safety and perfect preservation of the clients' goods is thus secured.

Services Offered

In the field of domestic and international removals, Franzosini offers complete door-to-door service including full export packing for all shipments, special packing if required, container consolidation, customs clearance and storage in-transit.

In the field of office removals, Franzosini offers a complete furniture/office equipment disassembling, re-assembling and transportation service. In the field of document storage, Franzosini offers custom made solutions including:

individual files on shelves, with a database inventory

8 cm. wooden boxes, which may be fitted for storage of 'live' files (e.g. by fitting shelves inside the box)

ISO steel containers, with a capacity of about 32 m3 Files which need to be viewed can be delivered to the customer's premises, and then returned to the storage facility. Franzosini can perform miscellaneous handling services such as assembling, disassembling, moving furniture or other office equipment utilising trained personnel. In the field of logistics, distribution services and specialist transport, Franzosini handles and distributes sophisticated mainframe computers throughout Italy, furniture requiring on-site assembly and other products with
similar requirements.

Customer Support Team

A Customer Service supervisor (heading a small customer service department) assists the manager with regard to all customer enquiries and freight forwarding aspects. Specific employees are in charge of export and Import shipments within the department, although they have a good degree of flexibility and interchangeability.

An operations supervisor is in charge of
day-to-day affairs.

A separate division handles specialist transport such as the distribution of computer hardware, telecom machines, delicate equipment and general cargo.