Global International Relocation

Global International Relocation

Global International Relocation, Global Building, Estrada Principal 8 Campo Raso., 2710-138 Sintra - Lisbon, Portugal

Telephone: 21 9236550  E-mail:
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Our Services

  • International Moving
  • Storage
  • Fine arts
  • Pet Transport
  • Record Storage
  • Excess Baggage
  • Relocation:
    • Visa and Immigration
    • School Search
    • Cultural assistance
    • Furniture Rental
    • Home Search
    • Language
    • Car Registration

Global GROUP:

Global File – Record Storage
Global Pets – Pet Transport
Global Express – Excess Bagagge
Global FineArts – Fine Arts


Born in 2008 by its founder Jorge Da Costa. Starting out as a small company and years later we have become one of the leading companies in Portugal. We are the choice for those who are looking for quality, with less than 0.3% average of claims, best quality materials, teams trained by certified packers and coordinators with official certifications.

Our team has achieved the ISO 9001 and 14001 , as well as FAIM PLUS , being the FIRST AND ONLY company in Portugal to do so.

Fast and Accurate Communication

In a fast paced world we have developed a strong team who are committed to satisfying all our clients, either direct or Via Agents, providing an outstanding feedback from start to finish on each move. We have invested in leading

Software and Hardware platforms to manage and keep moves on track.


Knowing the needs of this industry, we have built our new and ONLY Isothermal Warehouse which always keeps our clients goods safe. With 24/7 surveillance high definition cameras, 2,580 cu ft acclimatized bunker, finger print control access, hydraulic loading platforms, isolated fully equipped carpentry, barcode scanning system, over 16 new owned vehicles, forklifts, and more than 33,000 square feet of space we offer one of the best facilities for the industry in Portugal.

With a team of over 40, we are a professional and dedicated team, specialized in International Moving and Storage, Relocation, Fine Arts, Record Storage, Pet Transport and excess baggage.

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Tel: +351 21 923 6550 
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