Gosselin, Brunnmattstrasse 5, 3174 Thoerishaus/Bern, Switzerland

Telephone: 41 (0) 58 356 14 00  E-mail: rates@gosselin-moving.com
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We provide worldwide moving and destination services for domestic, long distance and international moves.

We happily serve our customers through our 56 offices in 34 countries throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia

and a global network of moving partners. We have been relocating families, corporate assignees, diplomats and military people around the globe since 1930.

Quality and Environment

We are also FIDI-FAIM certified, which implies a score that is compared to other certified moving companies. Gosselin is worldwide among the best!



Gosselin is a company that actively manages innovation. The constant input of packing crews has been instrumental in developing special packing material.

We use electronic survey recording, bar coded inventory and other state of the art IT solutions to serve our customers and partners with accurate an easy accessible information.



With warehouse facilities in Basel, Bern, Geneva and Zurich plus one centralised state of the art, centrally located and fully automated container warehouse, storing your personal belongings is one of our core services.
Moves often require storage at either origin or destination. Depending on the size of a shipment, various options can be chosen.
Using Gosselin you will benefit from the logistical advantages of a containerized storage facility including reduced handling, increased safety, cost savings and ultimately, peace of mind.



For transferees trying to establish a homely environment to professionals going about their daily business, we supply a wide range of rental furniture, home equipment and utensils to suit all your needs.
Order online and enjoy a full or partial furnishing of your accommodation allowing you to move in prior to receiving your own furniture or to stay once your own belongings have been packed and shipped. Delivery is guaranteed anywhere in Switzerland within 48 hours and booking is easy. This innovative solution will reduce costs during the relocation process by avoiding long stays in hotels or the additional expense of furnished accommodation.

Relocation Services

As the leading provider of destination services in Switzerland, we offer the full range of services to assist people moving to or from Switzerland.

Orientation tours, home-search, arrival services, temporary housing, education, and settling-in services are all provided by our 9 relocation offices located throughout the country.

Car Transportation

Shipping cars across borders requires expert knowledge.

Based on hundreds of vintage and collector cars shipped over recent years, we can offer professional handling worldwide.

This service is delivered by our partner company Car Logistics.