Internacional de Mudanzas, S. A. (Intermud)

Internacional de Mudanzas, S. A. (Intermud)

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Internacional de Mudanzas, S. A. (Intermud), 20 Av. 18-01 Zona 11, 01011, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Telephone: 502 2415 6815  E-mail:
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INTERMUD - Internacional de Mudanzas, S.A. - was founded in 1983 and is a company dedicated to the transport and packing of local and international moving and storage. Customers of INTERMUD are executives of international companies, diplomatic personnel and the staff of international organizations like the United Nations.

INTERMUD offers a door-to-door service, to any country, through an extensive network of agencies and representatives of the well known international van lines.

Its services include local moves of household goods, office furniture and filing systems as well as the packing, moving and relocation of computers and the handling of heavylifts. INTERMUD specializes in the packing and handling of paintings, sculptures and valuable works of art.

In 1999, new modern premises were inaugurated which include three warehouses with 30,000 sq. ft. of space for storage. Besides trucks and forklifts, its staff of 80 qualified employees has taken care of the needs of local and international customers during the past years. INTERMUD can store household goods in transit in company-owned 20' containers. These can be stacked with a forklift to up to three levels, which provides additional storage capacity.

The company founder has introduced new concepts which have been welcomed and accepted by the trade. INTERMUD is recognized as a leader in its field and is strongly committed to an evergrowing number of satisfied customers and agents.


  • Three warehouses — 30,000 sq. feet
  • Nine trucks
  • Two forklifts
  • Two small trucks
  • One jeep
  • Four platforms
  • Computer system — accounting department
  • Computer system — traffic department — intranet
  • 80 employees
  • Internet


Services Offered

  • Custom agent
  • Local moves
  • International moves by sea, air and overland
  • International moves by overland to all Central America and
  • Local packing
  • Storage services in 20’ containers and liftvan
  • Forklift services and forklift for 20’ containers
  • Import by air an sea
  • Local unpacking
  • Record storage for Docs.
  • Relocation Services

Customer Support Team

  • Aldo Heinimann — General Manager
  • Patricia Gonzalez — International Manager
  • Adrian Pineda — Administrative Manager
  • Nathallie de Lima — Import Department
  • Linda de Hernández — Export Department 
  • Yaneli Perdomo — Business Development Manager
  • Erick Garzaro — Operation Manager


The company’s management philosophy is to excel in the quality of services it offers to customers.

Quality representation: Intermud selects highly educated and experienced employees. You can rely on the integrity of its employees and their personal attention.

Communications and technology: Intermud offers the advantage of the multilingual communications, Language is never a barrier to its communications and service.

Presentations are prepares in various languages as per customer needs. International moves are controlled by Intermud until they reach their final destination.