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KHZ International Movers

KHZ International Movers, Anthony van Leeuwenhoekweg 50, 2408 AN, Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands

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KHZ International Movers is specialist in international removals.  Whether it's a corporate or a private move, KHZ International Movers is your reliable partner to arrange your move over the road, across the ocean, or through the sky.  Because of our securely monitored global network, we can cater to your move (s) from "K to Z", regardless of your final destination; we will remain the ultimate responsible party in the move process.




KHZ International Movers is one of the largest and most reliable removal companies in the Netherlands.  You can count on our superior service and management of your move(s).  KHZ International Movers complies with the highest quality standards in the removal industry by participating in (ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001 and FAIM PLUS).  Experienced and well trainded professionals will ensure a pleasant and smooth removal process.  From the very first beginning until the last box has been unpacked.



The best of the best is not good enough for KHZ International Movers. Quality is our motto. In order to guarantee the best possible service, KHZ Movers is a proud member of the following organizations: FIDI - (Fédérations Internationale des Demanageurs Internationaux) FIDI is the largest global alliance of independent quality international removal companies, with approximateley 525 members worldwide.  FIDI's mission is to provide a forum for the advancement of integrity, quality, and mutual co-operation to those companies focusted on the intercontinental movement of household effects and to carry out programs and studies designed to help promote affiliates competitiveness within the international moving and storage marketplace.  In addition to monitoring the quality standards, the organization audits the financial soundness of its members and offers a PPP (Payment Protection Plan) to ensure the quality and delivery of the goods in the country of destinatioin.


KHZ has been a member of this large organization for over 30 years due to its market share position with removals to and from North America.



Quality Standards

EN ISO 9001-2015
KHZ is accredited by the Bureau Veritas Quality International, the largest company in the world to specialize in quality audits. Bureau Veritas inspects KHZ twice a year to check the established procedures and any procedural improvements that may have been implemented. Procedures are audited in-house by the relevant departments

FAIM stands for Fidi Accredited International Movers and KHZ is in 1998 the fifth company in the world to have been awarded a FAIM certificate by EY. The certificate guarantees that each specialty offered by KHZ meets the high quality requirements imposed by the FIDI. EY conducts an annual audit of our removal services, our support resources as well as of our financial stability.

The FAIM PLUS combination takes the FAIM programme even one stage further. Whilst ISO 9001 (2014 new certificated) checks that the operating processes are implemented in accordance with self-imposed standards, FAIM requires 80% compliance with the standards laid down externally by FIDI and EY. FAIM PLUS also incorporates environmental standards and defines higher standards for facilities and equipment, the standard of staff training, quality management and financial stability. Only a few international companies, scattered around the world, have managed to attain this standard.



  • 1,100 square meter modern office space equipped with the up to date modes of communication
  • 15,000 square meter US Government approved storage facility, customs qualified, climate controlled and 24/7 security surveillance
  • Industry approved carpentry facility equipped with the latest technology in packaging and construction of all types of wooden crates (ISPM 15) for your art, antiques and precious possessions
  • We only use environmentally friendly Wood & recycled packing material
  • State of the art load and offloading bays equipped with fork lifts and container crane
  • Extensive and complete trailer park with small vans, open top and box trucks, continuously inspected and modernized
  • Certified weight scales, certified weight master and professional testing equipement




  • Worldwide removals
  • Local moves
  • Third country moves
  • Relocation Services
  • Storage of furniture/equipment; short and long term
  • Project-based and office moves
  • Car storage
  • Archives storage
  • Customs facilities
  • Industrial packaging
  • Insurance facilities
  • Tax-free mediation
  • Tailor-made packaging
  • In-house shipping agency
  • Pet transport
  • Handyman services
  • Cleaning services




Company Details

Director : Mr Maarten van Zutphen ( )

Sales Manager : Mr Jordan van Loon ( )

PRO : Mr Remko Hitijahubessy ( )

Anthony van Leeuwenhoekweg 50
2408 AN Alphen aan den Rijn
The Netherlands

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PO Box 354
2400 AJ Alphen aan den Rijn
The Netherlands

Telephone : +31 (0)172 44 99 7

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