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Ocean Relocation, Yakum post 6097200, Tel Aviv, Israel

Telephone: 972 9 9712000  E-mail: sales@oceanrelocation.com
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Ocean Relocation was established in 1944, as a wholly owned family consortium by the late Mr. David Drenger.

Ocean Relocation is a licensed customs broker #0281 & forwarder under the leadership of Mr. Eran Drenger as President and CEO and Mrs. Shlomit Drenger as VP Business Development - we are striding forward into the 21st century, as a leading company in the global mobility community in Israel.

Looking forward to the challenges of changing global transportation needs, we have expanded our facilities and increased our multi-lingual staff.

Being members of the most prestigious international household goods & forwarding organizations in the world, we are committed to the highest standards of professionalism & customer service. We have obtained the ISO-9002 & FAIM world known accreditation.

We at Ocean Relocation, believe in “Family Values”; Thus, aiming to make our customers feel as valued and as special as family-members.

Ocean Relocation provides personal service, ensuring the most efficient, cost-effective  and timely relocation. We will move any shipment anywhere across the globe, providing innovative solutions to the most complex situations

Ocean Relocation is your access to worldwide mobility. We are a IATA & NVOCC freight forwarder and licensed customs broker, with international network of experienced agents who will get the job done

We are members of the Israeli Freight Forwarding Association and the Israeli chamber of Commerce. Ocean Relocation handles personal household goods, as well as commercial commodities, art and exhibitions.

Being fully computerized with state-of-the-art equipment, Ocean Relocation offers pre-planned, synchronized transportation, follow-up and updating from origin to final destination.


Ocean Relocation’s main office is located in Yakum Industrial Park in Tel-Aviv area

branch offices are located in Haifa, only a 5 minutes walk from the port and customs house, in Ashdod-port and Ben-Gurion Airport.

The 350,000 CFT secured warehouse located in Tel-Aviv area, serves for short or long term storage of household goods & commercial cargo. The company has 15 vehicles, forklifts, weight scales, quality packing materials and in-house carpentry department. Our Head-Department members have 15 – 20 years experience with Ocean Relocation. Our professional staff is multi-lingual: Hebrew, Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Italian.

Personal Household Goods


Our service starts with in-house expert estimators who survey the goods on-site. Professional packers using only the highest quality materials will ensure the ultimate protection of your goods up to the final destination.

We handle all necessary documentation, insurance-claims, en-route tracking and for incoming cargo, the complete unpacking and placement of goods at destination, assisted by expert carpenters for re-assembly of furniture.

Commercial Cargo

Having Ocean Relocation as your forwarder & Customs Broker, you can rest assured that our experienced staff will handle every detail required to ship and track your cargo as soon as possible.

The earliest we get involved – the easier your project turns out.

We offer:

  • Cost calculations prior to shipment.
  • Complete transportation insurance coverage, purchase order tracking.
  • Door-to-door rates for Ex-Works or FOB.
  • Coordination with the suppliers.
  • Top-of-the line agents for origin services.
  • Trucking and warehouse arrangements.
  • Complete documentation and banking arrangements.
  • Messenger service for quick document delivery.


Our Satisfied Customers

We are proud of the long-standing relationship built-up with many of the leading multi-national and national corporations in the high-tech and heavy Industries, as well as with the following:

We are the designated agents for the following:

Major Foreign Embassies

Israeli government offices.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism

UN Missions.

Major Multinational Banks as well as Israeli Banks

Some of the enterprises in Israel:

  • General Electric
  • Boeing
  • Lockheed
  • Texas Instruments
  • Applide Materials
  • Orbotec
  • Microsoft
  • Major Banks
  • Elbit Systems


Management Program and Background

Administration - Every request for services is entered into our administrative system. For every task order issued by your company, Ocean creates an individual file both in standard paper format as well as in our computer system.

Data entered in these files includes: internal company file number, customer task order number, name and address of the person who is moving, weights, pieces, dimensions of all pieces, pack and pick-up dates, pertinent details such as use of elevators or obstacles to be negotiated, origin and destination of shipment, warehouse receipt and shipping dates, warehouse position while in storage as well as copies of all requests issued by your company. Every file is reviewed for correctness prior to an invoice being issued. As needed, operational statistics may be provided to your company through the running of reports if requested.

Operation - During preparation and performance of services under this contract, a supervisor is checking and ensuring that all goes according to plan. Management personnel perform spot inspections on a daily basis to ensure that work-in-progress is proceeding smoothly and according to plan.

They also perform daily inspections of the warehouse facilities to ensure that the warehouse is maintained in a clean and tidy manner and that no hazards exist and that no potential hazards are developing. The operations manager ensures that all equipment is in good operating order and in no way jeopardizes the safety of the owner’s goods. All pieces of equipment requiring calibration are maintained to current operational certification. QA performs random audits of all operations to verify that work instructions and procedures are being followed.

Quality – Ocean Relocation seeks to prevent deficiencies through the constant observation and inspection of every aspect of its operations. The goal is to spot potential deficiencies before they result in a real deficiency. By employing highly motivated individuals and training them well, Ocean Relocation has been able to prevent deficiencies that result in less than satisfactory service being provided to clients. Ocean Relocation has been certified to the rigorous quality standards of ISO 9002, signifying that formal procedures have been established and are being utilized to ensure that the highest level of service and quality is provided at all times.

Ocean Relocation has accuired the FAIM accreditation, and is in the process of obtaining the FAIM/ISO, the world's highest quality assurance standard for the international moving industry.

The FAIM/ISO (FIDI Accredited International Mover/ISO) program has been developed by FIDI in conjunction with Ernst & Young Consulting and is intended to be the most thorough and rigorous audit of a company's approach to quality processes in international moving industry. Based on the well established FAIM standard, FAIM/ISO requires a much higher pass rate in all sections of the program. The audit includes an independent personal assessment undertaken by Ernst & Young, and takes in an examination of files, procedures, customer care and operational efficiency. In addition, members of the management and operational staff are selected at random for interview to ascertain their level of knowledge and competence.


  1. Ocean Relocation is implementing a quality management policy, aimed to uphold the highest level of quality standards according to the requirements of ISO 9002 and FIDI accreditation FAIM
  2. Granting our customers quality service is regarded by Ocean Relocation as a milestone in our business strategy and considered as one of our central goals.
  3. Ocean Relocation attributes supreme importance to it’s customers satisfaction, and will make sure that services given meet customers expectations. Thus, placing us among the leading companies in the business.
  4. Maintaining a quality program puts emphasis on keeping high standards, as well as on an ongoing improvement process. Thus, minimizing customers’ claims and complaints.
  5. Our quality assurance system is earmarked to ensure that all company activities are uniformly and efficiently implemented with maximum compatibility with the customers’ needs and in conformity with the approved procedures.
  6. The policy reflected in the quality assurance manual and work-instructions merits the full support of the management who will “stand-by” with the needed resources to allow improving current activities.
  7. The management and staff are committed and responsible for all activities destined to achieve the quality goals of the company.
  8. The management will hold periodical discussions dedicated to the subject of quality service.
  9. The management will bring the quality policy to the knowledge of all it’s employees, instruct and teach them so that it is understood and implemented at all times.
  10. The comprehensive responsibility of the implementation of this system was imposed on a senior management member who was appointed as quality assurance manager to be responsible for its upkeep.
  11. The company is committed to preserving a clean and green environment.

The Added Value You Get at Ocean RELOCATION

  1. One point of contact
    Your company will negotiate the employee’s transfer with the special project coordinator assigned by Ocean Relocation
  2. Relocation counseling
    Each family will get consultation regarding their move: re: life at their new destination country.
  3. On line communication
    Our assigned Client Manager will be available for the client’s questions regarding his move by email or by phone on a daily basis.


Ocean Relocation staff is chosen on professionalism and courtesy basis.

All employees understand that moving is a stressful experience for families and international moving adds another element of stress.

The crews are attentive to the details that are not noticed by clients if performed but surely noticed if not performed.

These include everything from making sure that furniture does not scrap the walls to wiping their feet before entering the address.

Ocean Relocation's packing crews are very experienced at using the appropriate packing materials and procedures for all kinds of goods. Great care is taken to prevent marring, scratching, breaking, staining or any other kind of damage. In fact, it is a matter of pride among our packers that "their" moves result in zero damage. This is often determined only months after the removal is completed and Performance Reports from the customers are returned.

Our workers are thoroughly screened before being accepted for employment. All personnel employed by Ocean Relocation have been chosen based on the following criteria: Work experience, personal integrity (absence of police record), courteous behavior, total dedication to high quality performance discipline, and commitment to excellence. Then, through periodic and random internal audits, they are checked and approved for professionalism, as well as credibility and honesty.

Company management holds periodic briefings and practical procedure training to ensure that performance meets with the approved methods and standards. New employees receive basic orientation training and position-specific training, as well as on-the-job training.


For each instance of Household Effects services, and any other instances when requested by your company, before packing, Ocean Relocation will make an on-site pre-shipment survey of the items to be shipped. The surveyor, an approved estimator, will look at all goods requiring removal and list the major items of furniture, appliances and equipment which are to be included in the shipment. The survey will indicate the number of cartons and crates necessary to properly protect the loose and fragile items and the number of containers of all types required, ingress and egress routes to determine obstacles that must be negotiated as well as special factors that must be dealt with such as physical location of the premises.

A copy of the survey, signed and dated by the estimator, indicating total estimated volume of the export shipment will be given to the client immediately upon completion of the pre-shipment survey

Packing: All export packing performed by Ocean Relocation exceeds international professional standards. Paper blankets, padding, bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, dish packs and other material required is used as liberally as required to fully protect the goods. The amount of packing is accurately determined by the pre-move survey and allows for client acquisitions that were not included in the survey (as often happens in the last days of the clients tour of duty).

Preparation:Ocean Relocation's crews will coordinate closely with the surveyor and the clients to determine what items must be disassembled for safe movement, and who will be responsible for the disassembly. For items disassembled, the hardware will be packaged together and secured to other parts of the disassembled piece. Parts of disassembled pieces will be appropriately packaged to prevent damage and entered onto the inventory with the proper description.