Sobolak International GmbH

Sobolak International GmbH

Sobolak International GmbH, Stockerauer Straße 161, A-2100 Leobendorf, Vienna, Austria

Telephone: 43 2262 691 0  E-mail:
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In 1996 Sobolak International combined all its facilities in Leobendorf, 10km from Vienna, where it has two fully computerised warehouses linked to the office systems. There is a 2,500 s.q.m warehouse including a bonded area and a 1,800 sq.m warehouse for storage in liftvans or the company's own 20ft containers. The second warehouse can hold up to 200 TEUs and has forklift facilities to handle 20 + 40ft containers.

Sobolak International has 12 long distance trucks with trailers, six city moving trucks and seven packing vans. Two outside elevators can lift boxes to a height of 24 metres and have a capacity of 300 kilos. That enables us to transport household goods from out truck in two minutes up to the 5th floor.

Since August 2006 SOBOLAK INTERNATIONAL has launched its own in-house relocation division which can handle all your relocation needs such as cross-cultural and language training, house hunting, settle-in services, finance management and many more as your Destination Service Provider.

Service Offered

Sobolak International offers a comprehensive range of removal and transportation services.

This includes:

  • Long distance removal by its own trucks within Europe, the Near East and North Africa
  • Container transport world-wide
  • Airfreight
  • Domestic and local
  • Relocation Services

The company is also a destination agent for international contacts in the FIDI and OMNI networks.

Around 95% of its business is international. The clientele include diplomats, international corporations and organisations.

Customer Support Team

Sobolak International offers its services through a dedicated and trained support team. This team is headed by Reinhold Karpisek as Chairman and assisted by Andreas Eibel as Vice President and Sales Director.

Packers, drivers and office co-ordinators form a professional and efficient operating staff of 80 people, always ready to provide their customers with all the assistance needed.