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Why Choose Sterling?

If you choose us, you’ll be in good company. We’ve got many years’ experience of delivering relocation services to corporate expatriates, families, and individuals, all over the world.

We hold a number of quality standards and memberships, which include FIDI accreditation for our custom-built storage facilities. But quality is about more than just a badge of honour. It’s about employing the best in the business and training them to excel.

Our agent dedicated teams are staffed with experienced moving professionals. And because we believe that clear communication is the best way to deal promptly with any issues (or better still, prevented from happening at all), you'll find our staff approachable, proactive, and on-hand to help whenever you need them.

Our professional crews are trained in the best wrapping and packing techniques. So your clients can be sure their assignees’ belongings have been packed as safely as possible. In fact our commitment to packing quality means we have one of the lowest damage claim rates in the industry.

To us, success is when our agents work with us time and time again, and when they’d recommend us to others. We’re proud to offer seamless service delivery at competitive prices, wherever you need us to be.


What Can We Offer You?

We offer a wide range of services through our offices in London, Swindon, Aberdeen, Paris, Lyon, Frankfurt, Munich, Bremen, Madrid, Hong Kong, and New York.

Because we are a combined moving and relocation provider, and manage all our services in-house, we deliver everything as an integrated package. So, you only need to deal with one supplier. This means smooth and stress-free delivery for you.

Our Services

  • International moving and storage
  • School search and educational consultancy
  • Departure and repatriation services
  • Visa and immigration
  • Policy consultation
  • Cultural assistance and orientation trips
  • Short-term accommodation
  • Concierge services
  • Work permits
  • Expense management
  • Language training
  • Settling-in assistance
  • Spousal support
  • Home search and home sale
  • Transit cover
  • Furniture rental
  • Tenancy management


Why Not Get in Touch?

If you’d like to find out how our services could help you, visit us at, or give us a call for more details.