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Stuttaford Van Lines

Stuttaford Van Lines, 2 Oak Road, Lords View Industrial Estate, Cnr Allandale Road and Sycamore Crescent, South Africa

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In those years, relentless attention to the basics ensured Stuttafords' steady growth - a philosophy which still drives the organisation. Today it is the largest removals company on the continent, with more branches and depots than all other removal companies put together. One direct - and unique - benefit of this size is that Stuttafords is entirely independent of subcontractors. The company's personnel are therefore directly involved with a client's move, every step of the way. This makes it both fully accountable and in complete control - the way it has always liked to run its removal business. For some time now Stuttafords Van Lines has promised that "It's the safest move you can make". This is not an idle boast - it is a position in the market that its determined to defend on every single job it does. The claim that moving in Africa is best done with Africa's biggest mover is based on every single facility being company owned and managed, giving Stuttafords a clear and unbroken chain of command, an intimate knowledge of local conditions and real depth of experience. Stuttafords' enviable reputation is built on the understanding that "we're not just moving your possessions, we're moving you." The professionalism required to provide this invisible extra is what continues to set Stuttafords apart. 


Johannesburg Facilities

Johannesburg is the hub of industrial power on the African continent. It is the city of gold, "Egoli", and the undisputed economic centre of South Africa. Situated on the outskirts of the city, Stuttaford Van Lines Johannesburg is the flagship of the Company. With some 100 000 square feet of palletised warehousing it is the largest furniture removal facility in all of Africa. It is built on a 7 acre site and comprises a purpose built warehouse, training centre, workshops and panel beating/spray painting facilities. The entire complex is protected by electrified fencing. 

Services Offered

Stuttaford Van Lines operates some 700 vehicles, the largest fleet in Africa. Its total carrying capacity is phenomenal - in excess of 1.5 million cubic feet. In practical terms the fleet is capable of transporting more than 1000 households, all at the same time!

Most significant however is the fact that every vehicle is operated and maintained by the company. So in delivering consignments to any part of the country, Stuttafords never has to sub-contract.

There is also a Stuttafords branch in every major city and most minor towns in the country, with its own clearing and forwarding division.

The Johannesburg branch of Stuttafords also has a second, separate storage facility, offering archive storage and specialised office removals. The main facility is also the receiving centre for all FCL containers destined for Southern Africa, outside of the port centre. A modern carpentry and french polishing workshop expertly takes care of any restoration or repair of damaged furniture. Stuttafords Johannesburg's service is complete in every respect, at every step, for every client.

Customer Support Team

Some of Africa's most famous animals embody the characteristics of Africa's No. 1 removals company: the elephant: "there is an unmistakable security about moving with Africa's biggest mover"; the giraffe: "when you stand taller than the others, you see things that they cannot"; the sure swiftness of the cheetah: "In Africa some move in ways that are simply not possible for others."

The basis of Stuttafords' professionalism is always remembering that a successful, relaxed move is about taking care of the small details. Stuttafords' 760 full time employees have a real understanding of the emotional roller-coaster that goes with relocating. Clients can be happy, sad, excited, apprehensive - they've experienced it all and know how they feel. This understanding of clients is based on years of experience and training. High calibre personnel, operating within the most complete removal infrastructure in Africa, is an unbeatable combination.
With some 17 warehouse storage facilities and 22 sales offices, each one fully equipped and trained to handle inbound and outbound international moves, the Stuttafords International Division daily proves that "moving with us is the safest move you can make."