Rest Easy When You Choose Suddath as Your International Mover

Trust your international moves to Suddath, and you’ll rest easier, knowing your customers are in safe, experienced and customer-focused hands. The best way for us to prove that is to work with you. But we can also demonstrate our commitment to quality, security, safety and compliance through our experience, awards, certifications, risk management tools and most importantly our excellent reviews. 

Read on to learn about Suddath and why we are the better choice for international moving.

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Why Customers and Agent Partners Work with Suddath

More than 100 Years of Innovation

We've consistently delivered innovative, high-quality service since 1919. Suddath successfully performs more than 16,000 international moves a year. With a blend of solutions and an extensive global reach to nearly every country in the world, we get your customers wherever they need to go quickly and safely.


We’re Recognized as a Trusted, International Mover

Suddath is a 5-time International Mover of the Year winner. This accolade was awarded through the FEM Americas Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards and highlights Suddath’s commitment to having a positive impact on our partners’ priorities through innovations, improvements and a dedicated focus on transferee experience. If a five-time international mover of the year award doesn’t speak for itself, we also maintain a minimum of a 4.6-star rating on Google Reviews in each of our locations. 


Suddath Prioritizes Data Security

The landscape of security threats is constantly evolving, and security should never be an afterthought. Ensure you’re protected by dealing with reputable, GDPR-compliant movers. Here are some questions you can ask to ensure your mover is keeping your employees’ data safe. 

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Safe and Efficient Worldwide Moving in an Unpredictable Market 

With countries around the world loosening COVID-19 travel restrictions and reopening borders on varying levels, companies everywhere will soon begin moving their talent internationally again. Suddath’s experience and capabilities can help you get ahead of the further increased transit times. Trust a corporate moving partner that can handle your international employee relocations safely and securely. We support corporate relocations with end-to-end services in more than 180 countries. Our team of experts offers comprehensive international moving services including customs, documentation, insurance coverage and shipping requirements counseling.

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FIDI-FAIMPLUS Quality Assurance

We’ve earned and maintain the world’s only recognized quality certification for professional international moving and employee relocation companies. The FAIMPLUS seal is how you know that we meet or exceed standards for quality, supply chain management, insurance, claims and customer feedback – just a few of the categories in a rigorous set of criteria to meet.


Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) Certification

A key benefit of using a CTPAT-certified international mover is that you know your customer's belongings are handled within the high standards set by the U.S. Custom and Border Protection (CBP). That translates directly into greater levels of accuracy and speed for you and your customers – we know exactly what’s in every container at all times, proactively address any security issues that arise, and reduce the number of CBP examinations and wait times at the border.


Navex Global® and Navex RiskRate® Management Tools

At Suddath, compliance and risk-mitigation are built into our DNA. We understand the safe and efficient transport of your customer’s personal belongings involves multiple people, processes, and partners – and certain elements of risk, too. That risk is even higher now, as we’re navigating the health, safety and economic challenges and uncertainties of a global pandemic. We engage the services of Navex Global® and their RiskRate® management tool for an additional layer of security and assurances that all external parties we work with can be trusted to deliver the same standard of integrity, service and care that we do.



  • Accurate virtual and in-person pre-move surveys and weight estimates to advise on the best transport method(s), routes and price options
  • Full and compliant document preparation and customs declarations to help your employees fully understand the process and avoid costly delays
  • Country-specific guides to prepare employees for what they can and cannot take with them, and guidelines on how best to protect or store items they may wish to keep if returning to origin location
  • Guidance on adequate transit insurance coverage
  • Optional services, including handling specialty items, temporary storage, pet transport, and unpacking/debris removal and cleaning
  • Destination services including, but not limited to, area orientation, home and school search and settling-in



Suddath has international forwarding locations in Jacksonville, Florida and Los Angeles, California. Reach out to us to learn about our additional US domestic locations.