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Transpack S.A.S

Transpack S.A.S, Avenida Carrera 40 No. 20A-96, Bogota, Colombia

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TRANSPACK LTDA. was founded in the year 1948 as the first full service door-to-door moving company in Colombia. It is with pride and pleasure that we have sustained our quality reputation throughout all these years. TRANSPACK LTDA., has his headquarters in Bogotá and branches in Barranquilla and Buenaventura, employing more than 150 people.



TRANSPACK LTDA. maintains 2.500 m2 covered warehousing, where we offer short and long term insured storage, under 24 hour surveillance. Importantly, the warehouse is located a mere 15 minutes away from Bogotá El Dorado Airport. TRANSPACK LTDA., is a leader in using standard-sized seavans for its despatches, and maintains containers and airvans made in our own carpentry shop facilities, ready to use at all the times. TRANSPACK LTDA. has been the first company in Colombia successful in achieving FAIM accreditation,

TRANSPACK LTDA. is constantly upgrading its security measures in an effort to continue to be at the vanguard in quality of the moving and relocation business here in Colombia. With this our priority, we have as the only moving and transportation company in Colombia achieved the Certification BASC (Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition) in June 2001 after complying with very stringent examinations and requirements. This program stresses close cooperation of the private sector with national and foreign official entities such as the Custom Service of the US and France, Interpol, Antinarco Police of Colombia and the DEA; in an effort to promote a saver and more secure international trade environment.

In addition, TRANSPACK LTDA. is proud to announce our recently acquired specially police trained German Shepherd “Pacho” ANTINARCOTIC DOG, who comes down from our country estate with his trainer Hernando Gonzalez every two days and busily goes about his sniffing duty in the warehouses. All this as preventive measures to assure all outbound cargo is SAVE AND SOUND.

We feel that these news are of sufficient importance to all our overseas agents, as this may be just the extra service you may relay to future customers destined for Colombia; and so secure the job you and us!

A Full Range of Services

Customer Brokerage. Licensed by the government to perform customs clearance.

Removal Services and International Transports
International and domestic
 Office moves
Relocation services
Packing and unpackingmaterial
24 hour guarded storage in sealed units
Fine arts packing, crating and containerization
Overland haulage
Coordination of Air and Ocean freight services
(IATA members)
Antinarcotic Dog

Warehousing Services
Short and longterm storage
Sorting, packing and distribution

TRANSPACK LTDA., has very high standards in terms of personnel, equipment and facilities. The company also ensures that it gives its full attention to all incoming and outgoing goods, while keeping clients informed at all times.

TRANSPACK LTDA., offers removals by land, sea or air. From the individual wishing to transport a pet, to a large corporation looking to set up large scale projects, TRANSPACK can perform the task.

Tha company will arrange insurance cover, and can also represent clients if there is a claim. TRANSPACK is proud of its record in prompt and professional claims settlements.


Customer Support Team

TRANSPACK LTDA., believes that it is important to keep clients informed about every stage of the removal process as it occurs. To assist with this task the company has a customer support team that is fluent in spanish, English, French, Arabic, Italian, German

TRANSPACK LTDA. is proud to have been instrumental in providing leadership for the enhancement of quality service, ethical standards, and modern training techniques for employees for the moving industry in Colombia.

The packers involved in each operation are carefully selected and most of them have been with the company for over 15 years.

Our Pledge of Service to Our Clients

We will work as full time professionals to assist you in any of your moving or transportation needs, using 55 years of expertise and dedication, to make this experience a smooth and pleasant one, at the best possible price.

We promise to:

  • Visit your home or office to make a survey of all items to be shipped, at your convenience and free of charges.
  • Prepare and present a written quotation free of charge
  • Counsel you with advise and expertise on mode of packing, transportations possibilities customs regulations, etc.
  • Take care of your possessions as if they were our own
  • Use only the best quality packing and crating material available in Colombia
  • Store all your belongings in our save and protected warehouse
  • Negotiate the best possible price for most efficient transportation mode
  • Monitor, control and inform you constantly about status of your shipment
  • Guarantee offered price and weight estimates


Key Staff

President: Mme. Karin Knappstein de Doglioni
General Manager: Mr. Joel Doglioni
Sales Manager: Mr. Mounir Khayat
Administrative Manager: Mme. Fabiola Bernal
Accounting Manager: Mme. Gloria Rivera de Herrera
General Auditor: Mr. Miguel Camelo


We are members of the following associations:

F.I.D.I. (International Federation of International Movers) Brussels, Belgium
O.M.N.I. (Overseas Moving Network) London, U.K.
H.H.G.F.A. (Household Goods Forwarders Associations) Washington, USA
L.A.C.M.A (Latin American and Caribbean Association) El Dorado, Panamá
A.M.S.A. (US Movers Association) Washington, USA
Bogotá Chamber of Commerce
American Chamber of Commerce
French Chamber of Commerce
Italian Chamber of Commerce
German Chamber of Commerce