Voerman International B.V.

Voerman International B.V.

A Worldwide Welcome

We know that venturing into new territory is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming with everything involved. At Voerman Group, we believe in hostmanship and a human touch to guide you on your journey. We constantly travel the world ourselves and meet different people, cultures and companies. As they inspire us with great ideas and business opportunities to continuously improve our service and help you on your way.

Voerman International B.V., Reflectiestraat 2, 2631 RV, Nootdorp, Netherlands

Telephone: 31 70 301 1301  E-mail: info@voerman.com
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Voerman International is trendsetter in the international relocation- and moving industry.

With a staff of close to 200 employees in Western- and Eastern Europe the company focuses on
international moving & relocation services.

Voerman International has more than 35 years of experience in moving people to another country. We offer all the services needed for this purpose. Our services concern both the relocation itself and the establishment in a new country. We also offer innovative technology that makes the relocation process easier and more pleasant.

Voerman International operates from its international head office in The Hague.

Voerman International B.V.
Reflectiestraat 2
2631 RV, Nootdorp

P.O.Box 16313
2500 BH The Hague

Telephone +31(0)70- 301 1301
E-mail info@voerman.com





Containerized storage in both 20’and 40’containers in computerized warehouses 

The first moving company to start integrated relocation and moving services 

Introduction of Intermodal forwarding of household goods to Western- and Eastern European destinations

The total storage capacity of the Voerman warehouses exceeds 45.000 square meters and is well equipped 
with container cranes, rolling floors for easier access to wooden storage vans.



Voerman Group has partnered with the sustainable initiative ecolegIT to offset the carbon emissions of talent relocations worldwide. At Voerman Group, sustainability is one of our core values, and we try our best to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.

Thanks to ecolegIT, we can offset the carbon emissions of all our moves by investing in durable forestry projects.


Move4U - Great mobility technology

with a personal touch

We fully utilize the power of digital innovations to improve the journey of transferees and the experience of mobility managers. We offer you the tools and data to always stay up to date, wherever you go. Through more overview, better insights and complete peace of mind. Experience our Worldwide Welcome through technology.

The Move4U tools enable us to make all steps of the move process simpler, more efficient and more sustainable. Tools like video surveys and mobile apps empower transferees to effortlessly list their inventory, streamlining the entire moving process from start to finish. This not only reduces paperwork and administrative burdens but also minimizes the need for physical visits, providing extra flexibility for transferees.

Additionally, these digital opportunities also align with a greener and more sustainable future. At Voerman Group, we are committed to harnessing technology to enhance the relocation experience while actively contributing to a sustainable world. Digital moving tools not only benefit our clients and their transferees but also reflect our dedication to responsible and forward-thinking solutions in the field of international relocations.


We believe that data is the future of our industry. We started working with these solutions and enjoy powerful control in the MoveDashboard.

Survey Pro

The Survey Pro helps you and our surveyors to report what you would like to take to your new destination in a digital and clear overview.

Crew Pro

The survey report is converted into a digital packing list that helps the movers during a job.

Video survey

During a video survey, you show in a video call what you would like to take with you to your new residence by using a tablet or mobile phone.

Bolster Insurance

Bolster Insurance provides expats a carefree relocation experience by preventing them from being underinsured. Protect your transferees, every step of their move. Make sure they are insured the right way and don’t have to worry about refunds. All in a fully digital and personalized user experience.


The ClaimApp is an effective software solution for use in
cases of household damages or losses.

Tenancy Management Application

What we have created is a “check-in and check-out” App which enables our consultants and clients to track the condition of the rental property in real time.


RedSky forms the basis of our move and relocation management. In a Virtual team all stakeholders are connected.

Voerman International Has a Lot More to Offer

Guaranteed certification

  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Managment System)
  • ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System)
  • ISO 18001:2008 (Occupational Health & Safety)
  • FAIMISO since 1998 | currently FIDI 3.2

Voerman International Training Institute (Voerman Academy)
Day to day training of our staff, including those in our Central and Eastern European branches
State of the Art Vehicle fleet and equipment

  • Over 2,000 Voerman owned 20’ and 25’ containers
  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Regular renewal of trucks and trailers

The Voerman Handyman Services 
This service takes care of all kinds of odd jobs in and around the house, making the 
client feel at home as quickly as possible.


Eurohome Relocation Services

Professional relocation and destination services including all aspects of an international 
transfer, such as

  • orientation trip
  • home finding
  • work permits and visa’s
  • school search & selection
  • language and cross-cultural training
  • etc.

For a professional advise how to deal with relocation issues in The Netherlands or in 
Central- & Eastern Europe you may contact our relocation professionals at

Eurohome Relocation Services 
Wolga 12 
2491 BJ The Hague 

Telephone +31 (0)70 -301 1366 
E-mail mail@eurohome-relocation.com


Transpack Shipping Services

The forwarding division of Voerman International, based in the port area in Rotterdam, with a professional staff to handle any type of cargo by sea, air or road. 
Specialized in larger project and marshalling yard services.
If you are looking for a specialist in freight forwarding issues, the people at Transpack Shipping Services shall be happy to assist you.

You may contact them in their office in the port area in Rotterdam at the address:

Transpack Shipping Services B.V.
Parmentierplein 20
3088 GN Rotterdam 

Telephone +31 (0)10- 428 5280 
E-mail info@transpack.nl


Voerman International Team

CEO: Robert Voerman 

CCO: Wiebe van Bockel 

COO: Edwin van de Vliet

CFO: Michiel van Herk

Agent Relations: Pauline Collins / Vadim Hristov
pcollins@voerman.com / vhristov@voerman.com

Group Quality & Compliance Manager: Lars Bakker 

Internal Sales + Rates: Erik Schaareman

Relocation services:  Eurohome Relocation Services

OMNI Pro: Vadim Hristov