Graebel Companies, Inc. Raises the Bar on Mobile Employee Experience with Exceptional Experience Journey Map

launched an interactive Mobile Employee Experience Journey Map that focuses on creating exceptional experiences for clients and their employees. The new online tool will help mobility managers better understand that relocation is more than just a physical move from point A to point B, and instead includes moments before, during and after that impact the mobile employee experience and ultimately, broader business objectives.

The Mobile Employee Experience Journey Map is designed for mobility professionals of all experiences and backgrounds, whether they are new to relocating employees or seasoned experts. It highlights key moments beyond and between the tactical steps so mobility managers can connect the dots that matter the most for their mobile employees.

“We’re excited to launch this new tool that will enable organizations to better support exceptional experiences for their mobile employees, ultimately serving as a talent engagement and retention tool,” said Bill Nemer, president, relocation services. “This is all about realizing there are a number of ways to raise the bar and really make a difference in a mobile employee’s life — whether that’s making sure their partner or spouse and family are set up for success in a new city, ensuring their dog arrives safely on a long flight, or whatever else it may be that matters most to that individual and family.”

Mobility managers can work through the stages of the map, which include pre-departure; departure; destination; settling-in; on-assignment and repatriation, at their own pace. The Journey Map allows mobility managers to explore the relocation process from their mobile employees’ perspective and sentiment, helping create personalized experiences that align with what employees value the most.

For those looking for additional guidance, Graebel has a team of experts ready to help mobility managers discover, design and deliver an elevated mobility strategy, incorporating the mobile employee journey experience, aligned with company goals and values, budgets, corporate culture and more.