Interem in India joins OMNI


Freight Systems India, trading as Interem, has joined OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International).  Interem is a subsidiary of Freight Systems and, in practice, has been company’s household goods division in India for approaching 30 years.  Its sister company in Dubai is already an established member of the OMNI network.

Vishal Agarwal is the company’s country manager for India.  He explained that he believed his company would be a great asset to the OMNI network with operations in eight major locations throughout the country, a 28-vehicle fleet and as an employer of up to 450 people during the height of the season.

“We have our own offices and people on the ground in all the tier 1 and tier 2 cities,” explained Vishal.  In addition the company also has long-established agency arrangements with companies throughout the interior of the country which are extremely valuable now that the dynamic for relocation has changed. “More people can work from home now so are choosing to move back to their home towns rather than stay in the big cities.  That type of work is ideally suited to us.”

The company is already a member of IAM, FIDI and Harmony, so why does Vishal feel OMNI membership is so important?  “I know how important partnerships can be,” he explained. “I firmly believe that if you want to grow your business it has to be through the partnership network. OMNI is a very niche, tight-knit set of movers who think alike.  Once you build relationships, people honour them.  They are each very powerful in their local markets and I am sure we can leverage that strength to grow our business globally. It’s my intention to work through our partners as much as possible, to trade with more with OMNI members as we go along, so we can benefit each other.”

What makes Interem in India special?  Vishal acknowledges that India can be a difficult territory but it’s his aim to become known for reliability, honesty and transparency in the region. “For me, service delivery is absolutely paramount and showing honesty and transparency with partners is critical,” he said. “I have tried to build that culture in the company and I’m sure that’s what other partners like.”

Photo: Vishal Agarwal