Legal Entity change for Asian Tigers in Indonesia

Bill Lloyd, Managing Director of Asian Tigers in Indonesia has advised that the legal name of the business has changed from PT Citra Air (trading as Asian Tigers Indonesia) to PT Citra Nusantara Logistik.  The change came into effect on 1st January 2023. The company will still trade as Asian Tigers Indonesia. This change in name comes as the result of the recently announced Management Buyout (MBO) agreement between Gerry Lane and Bill Lloyd.

Bill explained that the restructuring will not affect or delay any current shipments, payables or receivables. However, in future all invoicing and related documents will be rebranded to this new legal entity with new bank details to be provided on invoices, as per norm.

“We kindly request that your pertinent teams make a note of the changes mentioned while resting assured that, despite the legal entity name change, the Asian Tigers Group quality service that you depend on does not change here in Indonesia,” he explained. “If you have any questions related to this change, or require further steps to formalise this change in your own systems, please contact me directly at