Nuss Relocations Sydney goes plastic free for international moves. Domestic moves to follow shortly.

Nuss Relocations Sydney, one of Australia’s leading moving and relocation specialists, is now providing international packing and wrapping services that are totally plastic free. This is a major advance in the company’s efforts towards providing the most sustainable moving service in Australia.

All the international packing products used by Nuss are now paper based including furniture wrap, tape, fragile void chips, special crates, along with all other products that used for international moves. The company specifically replaced traditional white packing paper too with a brown paper equivalent as brown does not go through the toxic bleaching process of white paper thus making it a far more eco-friendly option. Nuss has taken a leadership position in implementing this seismic shift in Australia and in doing so, actively reduced the carbon footprint of an international move.

Paper wrapping products are all 100% recyclable and Nuss has abandoned the bubble wrap products that are still widely used in the moving industry. Although this is generally classed as re-cyclable in reality most of it ends up in landfill as the recycling entails a separation process that is both time consuming and costly.

Plastic tape is detrimental too as it makes recycling of cartons difficult. The tape can be very hard to remove and so using recyclable cartons is adversely impacted if they have been sealed with plastic tape.

Plastic and plastic based materials are clearly causing massive long term damage to the environment and so movers are all responsible to push for change.

The company says that as it continues to make even more changes and improvements to its already robust sustainability programme, its Corporate, RMC, Agent Partners and Private clientele can all be assured of its ongoing commitment to the environment.