Protests cause disruption in Panama City

Canal Movers in Panama has advised on 19th July 2022 of a series of protests in the country that could disrupt services in the future.

The company said that over the last two weeks different economic, political and work-related organisations have started specific protests related to: the costs of fuel, food and government expenses.  These protests include the closing of main highways and streets, and limiting access to trucks trying to deliver essential goods, such as perishable fruit and vegetables, from the suburbs to Panama City.

Canal Movers said as yet it has not had to cancel any services, however there have been some delays and re-routing due to the closures. The government and different parties have started a negotiation process, however until a mutual agreement is reached, the interruptions are expected to continue.

For the latest information please contact the Operations Manager, Ricardo Rivera, on: (507) 232-5189