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Marine Insurance Guide

Marine Insurance Guide

Modern export packing and transportation methods provide an excellent level of protection for all furniture and personal effects. OMNI companies have highly trained staff and the latest facilities to make every move as smooth as possible. But no move is without risk; accidents do happen sometimes and third party liabilities can arise. For this reason it is vital that your shipment is adequately insured. If you are moving with your employer, the company may choose to handle any claim themselves (Self Insure). If not, always accept comprehensive insurance from your OMNI mover.

Always insure your goods for their full replacement cost at destination.

Complete and return the proposal form before the packing begins.

Identify separately any item that is worth more than the limit stated on the insurance proposal form.

Identify separately any item that is worth more than its description would suggest. For example, if you have 10 boxes of books valued at $1,000 the insurance company will expect each box to be worth $100. If one book is worth $300, say so.

Choose an insurance policy that does not limit the percentage of fragile items in the shipment. If there is a limit make sure that you do not exceed it.

If your goods are to go into store either at origin or destination make sure the insurance covers for the full storage period. Most good insurance policies will automatically include some storage cover at each end.

Check if the policy has an excess. If it does, make sure that this is acceptable to you or your employer.

If you have a claim, advise the moving company immediately and provide details of the loss within two weeks of unpacking.

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