Ward Van Lines S.A.

Ward Van Lines S.A.

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Ward Van Lines S.A., Americo Vespucio 2050, Quilicura, Santiago, Chile

Telephone: 562 266 36700  E-mail: wardvanlines@wardvanlines.com
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Ward Van Lines has been relocating families and their possessions worldwide, since 1969 and has grown into a strong and experienced company, with over 120 employees.

The company has many satisfied customers, and enjoys long standing relationships with agents all over the world.

Its multi-lingual staff are eager, dependable, and knowledgeable in every phase of the moving operation, and realise they are not just moving containers, but precious memories and treasures.

The bilingual customer service department is happy to assist you with housing availability, and in-depth relocation information regarding adjustment aids, health tips, regulations, schools and much more. Their goal is to help you bypass any language/cultural barriers.

Special care is taken when considering the scheduling of your relocation. Each shipment is individually packed in lined wooden crates, closed with a special anti-humidity silicone gel and wrapped with "Security Seals" that are broken only in your presence, or of your appointed representative. The 24 hour security guards and special security network also includes 24 hour video surveillance, to assure complete protection of your shipment, 365 days a year.


The offices and warehouse storage areas are located just 25 minutes outside of Chile's large metropolitan capital, Santiago, offering easy access to corporate customers. The warehouses are of modern design and construction, and are 100% "flood free". They have a total area of 12.000m2, 4.000m2 is under cover.

Services Offered

Ward Van Lines has installed a sophisticated computer network system, to meet the demands of today's International Moving Industry. This system links all departments together, enabling access to all pertinent information regarding each and every shipment at the touch of a key. An extensive data base includes access to all work orders, quotations, estimates, proposals, documentation, financial projections, rates, graphic designs and displays.


The Ward sales representative can provide you with an estimate for door to door service. It will take into consideration factors such as the origin and destination of your shipment, weight and volume and the type of service requested. You can save money by excluding items that could possibly cause complications during customs clearance, resulting in extra costs due to delays, storage time, and/or extra duties. Items to avoid are plants, food, liquor, firearms, drugs and jewelry. The representative can help you with any questions you may have.

Expert packing also saves money by making the best possible use of container space and optimising its weight.

Customer Support Team

All employees receive constant training with courses given for each specialised area, such as the shipping industry, import and export traffic, air cargo, routing and management of dangerous cargo, management of insurance claims, packing innovations and customer service.