The Asian Tigers Mobility is proud to announce joining forces with the WWF Singapore (World Wide Fund for Nature) to provide financial support for the T2X project.  T2X stands for doubling the number of tigers living in the wild by the year 2022.  That will be the next Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese calendar, and achieving that lofty goal will be significantly aided by ATM.

T2X will provide training for rangers and fund anti-poaching efforts.  It will also aid research, policy advocacy and communications support.  In the long term, these measures will inspire collective action across the globe to protect Asia’s wild tigers.

ATM’s proud history of providing financial support to protecting and preserving wild tigers dates back to 2001 when it established the Tiger Action Fund. Through the years, that fund has contributed more than $ 500,000 to such organizations as the International Fund for Animal Welfare and Save China’s Tigers.

According to Gordon Bell, chairman of Asian Tigers Group:

“The T2X is a natural fit between Asian Tigers Group and WWF. We share the same values and commitment to a healthy planet for wildlife and people. We look forward to ensuring that the fund will have the maximum impact in reversing the decline in the wild tiger population around the world.”

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