Asian Tigers and Silk Relo are first with D&I Standard


Asian Tigers Singapore, and its sister company, Silk Relo, have become the first companies in the international relocation industry to have earned certification from the Human Resource Standards Institute in alignment with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 30415:2021: Human resource management (HRM) – Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) standards.

Today’s customers are increasingly demanding that a company’s business relationships, processes and practices conform to the highest levels of D&I. Companies that earn the HRSI D&I Organizational Certification can prove to their stakeholders that they back up their D&I processes with real action in the workplace.

Amy Dufrane, CEO of HRCI (HR Certification Institute, the parent company of HRSI) said: “We celebrate Silk Relo and Asian Tigers Singapore being the first companies to earn HRSI D&I Certification. These leading international companies recognise that their employees, future employees, customers, vendors and external stakeholders would want to be associated with a relocation services company that is dedicated to D&I. Earning an HRSI organisational certification allows companies to ensure that their HR activities are aligned with business goals using consensus-based, international HR standards. Now Silk Relo and Asian Tigers Singapore can display the HRSI 30415:2021 badge and seal of excellence to show their stakeholders that they are committed to excellence and continuous improvement in D&I.”

Kay Kutt, CEO of Silk Relo commented: “Silk Relo’s mission is to make a difference one transferee at a time. If we don’t do it for our team members, how are we going to do it for our clients, our customers, our stakeholders, our transferees? We are pleased to be at the forefront of D&I and the relocation industry in adherence to ISO HRM standards. Now, our customers and potential customers have a way to confirm that Silk Relo truly is implementing D&I best practices and know it will be a positive differentiator for us.”

John Lim, Managing Director of Asian Tigers Singapore, said that the certification shows that D&I is a priority for the company. “Over the last few years, diversity and inclusion have taken on prime space in everything that we talk about and do as an organisation. D&I is unique because, unlike the other ISO systems, it cuts across the human factor. When you cut across the human factor within a country, you have different races, different beliefs and different cultures. Across different countries and different regions, we are all completely different. Our customers want to know that we recognise this and honour those differences both internally and externally.”