Graebel launches new DEI consulting service

Entrenched in global cultures and charged with enabling a highly engaged workforce, mobility professionals are ideally suited to inspire, guide and even lead organisation-wide DEI initiatives. That’s why Graebel Companies, Inc., has launched Graebel® DEI Consulting Services. With Graebel’s guidance, built from years of DEI mobility experience and its people-first philosophy, global mobility professionals can structure and level-up their DEI initiatives to empower a highly engaged workforce, drive bottom-line results, and produce lasting cultural change at a time when the workplace and company cultures are being challenged and redefined.

These consulting services are a formalisation of Graebel’s years of experience working with leading organisations and clients to integrate DEI into their mobility programmes. As mobility teams are tasked with more responsibilities than ever, Graebel’s DEI Consulting Services can help mobility managers stay on track with meeting DEI goals, delivering on commitments, promoting positive employee experiences and contributing to organisational goals, such as improving the bottom line by creating more diverse workforces.

Diversity, equity and inclusion is a journey, and the data-driven Graebel DEI Consulting Services meets organisations where they are on the path, whether that’s just getting started or looking for next-level initiatives. Through baseline activities, such as adjusting policy language or conducting a talent analysis; and next-level initiatives, such as in-depth diversity, equity and inclusion program assessments, action plans and ongoing roadmap analysis and reporting, Graebel mobility strategy experts work with mobility managers to unlock DEI’s full potential by identifying, implementing and measuring meaningful initiatives. Accomplishing building block activities that meet clients’ needs today opens possibilities for more strategic DEI initiatives tomorrow, fostering innovative and inclusive workplaces in the future.

“Graebel DEI Consulting Services help companies cultivate employee innovation, resilience and organisational trust while building the foundation for higher-than-average return on growth, profitability and talent management,” says Michelle Mara, vice president of Mobility Strategy for Graebel Companies, Inc. “We work with clients to anticipate and remove barriers, thereby opening doors to new opportunities for all employees, supporting the people who walk through them, and equipping mobile employees to do great work on the other side. These services facilitate performance and help global mobility gain a strategic seat at the table by delivering innovative, cost-effective talent management solutions.”

As the challenge of attracting and retaining talent persists, both DEI and mobility initiatives have become appealing tools for talent management programs. In fact, Graebel’s annual State of Mobility Report for 2022 found that relocation can be a powerful way to attract and retain talent. By viewing mobility through a DEI lens, Graebel is able to accommodate changing talent needs for clients throughout the world.

Graebel’s Mobility Strategy and Business Intelligence teams work closely together to leverage deep sources of data that allow mobility professionals to uncover new areas of opportunity, development and growth for their programmes and mobile employees. Graebel’s approach helps mobility professionals create programmes where the proportional mix of people participating is reflective of the proportional mix of people in their company (diversity), mobile employees have fair access to mobility opportunities (equity) and mobile employees feel the talent mobility programme is built for themselves and their lives (inclusion).

“Leveraging client data is the key to creating strategic DEI initiatives, ones that meet the needs of mobile employees in each organisation,” said Alben Ngo, senior director of Business Intelligence for Graebel Companies. “By analysing data, we can identify gaps and opportunities, and make recommendations on initiatives that will create the most benefit for mobile employees and organisations alike.”

More information on Graebel DEI Consulting Services is available here.