Invictus appoints Luis Amorim as Supply Chain Efficiency Manager

OMNI member Invictus Relocation in Portugal has announced the appointment of Luis Amorim as its new Supply Chain Efficiency Manager. With over three decades of rich experience in the moving industry, Luis is a well-respected figure whose name echoes far and wide in industry circles.

Luis’s career spans more than 30 years, during which he has honed his expertise and contributed significantly to shaping the moving industry. His profound knowledge, innovative strategies, and commitment to excellence have made him a unique figure in redefining logistics and supply chain management across the board.

In his new role at Invictus Relocation, Luis will be spearheading initiatives to optimise the company’s supply chain, enhance operational efficiencies, and ensure that it continues to provide top-tier services to its clients. His vision is to streamline the company’s processes in a way that not only improves operational capabilities but also elevates the overall client experience.

Luis’s approach to supply chain management is special and innovative, combining traditional best practices with cutting-edge techniques to stay ahead in a competitive landscape. His leadership is expected to foster a culture of continuous improvement and strategic thinking within the Invictus organisation.

Fábio Manuel, Founder & CEO of Invictus Relocation commented: “We are excited for the wealth of knowledge, experience, and leadership he brings to our team. Under his guidance, we look forward to setting new benchmarks in efficiency and client satisfaction in the moving industry.”