Thirteen Aires Employees attain CRP Designation

Aires is pleased to announce the new Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designations obtained from Worldwide ERC® by 13 employees. All candidates who prepared for this year’s certification successfully passed the exam, taking Aires total number to CRP-designated employees to 137. 

“At Aires, we value lifelong learning and the achievement of goals, and each year we support a group of employees in their pursuit of the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designation awarded by the Worldwide ERC®,” said Aires’ Trainer/Instructional Designer, Michelle McPeak. “This year, we are excited to announce that 13 of our team members in various roles ranging from Accounting to Operations to IT achieved their CRP. These dedicated employees took on this challenge by meeting for sixteen weeks to study, prepare, and assist each other in this endeavor. We are so proud to say that 100% of our candidates succeeded in achieving their goal this year. Their commitment to this effort was outstanding.”

Those receiving the CRP designations serve in a wide range of internal roles and include:

·   Justin Bibbo – Expense Management Account Coordinator

·   Melissa Bigelow – Post Relocation Survey Team Lead

·   Christine Buckley – Policy & Property Consultant

·   Amy Caldwell – Policy & Property Consultant

·   Richard Demus – Policy & Property Consultant

·   Cassy Hanna – Client Service Manager

·   Amber McMullen – Policy & Property Consultant

·   Rick Metzger – Policy & Property Consultant

·   Kelly Policicchio – Policy & Property Consultant

·   Amy Preston – Policy & Property Consultant

·   Emily Ptak – Account Manager

·   Jennifer Reibie – Policy & Property Consultant

·   Matt Surdock – CIS Application Support

Note on Importing Appliances into Cyprus

OMNI would like to thank Natasha at Orbit Moving & Storage in Cyprus for providing the following information:

Any appliances that do not have the CE markings on them should not be shipped to Cyprus as the Customs officials in the Republic of Cyprus may confiscate them, should they be found.  Also note that all shipments from NON- EU origin countries are physically inspected by the customs.

Rob O’Donnell, PHR, joins Aires as Vice President of Organizational Development

Aires is pleased to announce that Rob O’Donnell, PHR, has joined the company as Vice President of Organizational Development. In his role, Rob will be responsible for leading the Human Resources department at Aires and work to decrease organizational effort while increasing positive results, growing Aires’ return on management.

Mr. O’Donnell brings more than 30 years of comprehensive management, human resources, organizational development, and business consulting experience to Aires. He has spent the last decade with Solutions 21, a leading management consulting firm, as the Managing Director of Consulting Services. He provided detailed human performance consulting services to Aires during his tenure with Solutions 21.

“We have worked closely with Rob for many years as he provided excellent consultative services through Solutions 21,” said Aires’ President, Jeff Wangler. “We are pleased to have him join the company to strategically manage Aires’ human resources and organizational development efforts. He has a long history of experience and knows Aires well. His relationship with our company and years of experience make him the ideal choice for the role of Vice President of Organizational Development.”

Mr. O’Donnell has partnered with organizations around the world to help shape strategy and prepare emerging talent, focusing on abundance, purpose, stewardship, and transparent accountability. He will apply this approach in his new role, allowing Aires to continue growing as a leader in the relocation industry.

“I have admired this organization for a decade, and now I finally get to be a part of it. The timing was perfect, and this was an opportunity I could not let pass by,” said Mr. O’Donnell. “Aires is a disruptive force in the industry. I want to make sure that we are thought leaders in everything we do internally, setting the standards across the industry.

Strikes in Brazil

OMNI would like to thank Laura Ganon at Fink Mobility for providing the following information about two strikes in Brazil.

  1. Customs strike: the go-slow strike that has been happening for several months in Brazil has now  intensified. Customs clearance is still being done but very slowly also affecting port charges.

  2. Truckers strike: truckers have began a strike in Brazil, preventing any truck from circulating on the roads linking cities. This has affected distribution, leading to a lack of fuel and all types of products on the shelves.

Tori Ferrante becomes OMNI president

Salvatore (Tori) Ferrante, from Crown Worldwide Moving & Storage in California became the president of OMNI at the network’s annual conference in Palm Beach in March.  Tori joined the OMNI board in 2015 and now takes over from Keith Meader who steps down after a two-year term in the role.

OMNI is a global organisation of market leading moving and relocation companies that combine to present a unified network serving the corporate mobility market.  The network includes 160 locations in 57 countries.  Speaking of the unique value of the OMNI network Tori said that from the outside it’s really hard to understand the power of the owners and CEOs of the industry’s top companies getting together to learn from each other and share ideas.  “We are not speed dating,” he said. “We are getting to know each other and sharing things at a personal level in environments that are hard to reproduce.  It happens over time.  You can’t rush it.  It’s priceless!”

On a more operational level Tori said that OMNI frequently appears on RFPs (Requests for Proposal) for corporate contracts because companies want to know about affiliations.  This was likely to increase now that it has become compulsory for all OMNI members to use the Dow Jones Risk and Compliance system to provide confidence of compliance for its members’ corporate customers. “We see this as an essential service to our customers and are very proud that OMNI has become the first global network in the world to take compliance seriously in this way.”

Tori said that there was a long list of companies that wanted to join OMNI however the strict focus on quality and market leadership would not be compromised. “OMNI is the most focussed, most vetted, highest quality organisation in the industry,” said Tori. “We want to grow our network, but we won’t give up the standard of market leader. New members must make our organisation stronger and bring new corporate business to the network.”

Graebel takes Platinum at OMNI Conference

Graebel Movers International has won the Platinum award for the most tonnage shipped through the OMNI network during 2017.  The US relocation management company has been the leading shipper in OMNI for many years outstripping all other member companies by a significant margin.

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Suddath wins CIO 100 award for industry innovation

CIO from IDG today announces The Suddath Companies as a recipient of the 2018 CIO 100 Awards for its leadership in industry innovation. The prestigious annual award recognizes organizations around the world that exemplify the highest level of operational and strategic excellence, and celebrate the innovative use of technology to deliver genuine business value.

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Sara Lyrum returns to Aspire Mobility

Copenhagen based Aspire Mobility Group is pleased to welcome Sara Lyrum Kronkjaer back into the leadership team of the Group after a five years interim period with a local competitor.

In her new position as Director, Group International Pricing, Sara will assume the leadership for the further development and consolidation of the Group’s worldwide moving and relocation pricing policies, cost control functions and global supplier partnership programs.

“With her extensive international network in the global moving and relocation industry, we are pleased to have Sara back in our leadership team” says Gunnar Moeskjaer, Aspire Mobility Group Director. “Sara’s wealth of experience and proven expertise will further strengthen our organization as we accelerate our moving and relocation management services for clients in our Danish and Swedish home markets”. Sara may be contacted on

Canal Becomes First International Moving Company to obtain AEO certification


As part of their efforts of continuing to add value to their customers and trading partners, Canal Movers & Logistics Corp., has obtained the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification, becoming the first international moving company in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve this.

AEO is a global accreditation program from the World Customs Organization thru the National Customs Authorities to facilitate trade, improve safety and security, and standardized the application of customs controls.  This validates the safety of the supply chain process and compliance of customs procedures; allowing priority treatment, fewer delayed shipments, lower inspections, among other benefits.

This new accomplishment adds to Canal Movers & Logistics Corp. current certifications as ISO 9001-2015, FAIM Plus, LACMA Certified Packers, and Business Alliance for Secured Commerce (BASC). This guarantees to our customers that our operations are performed following global security policies.

“Canal Movers & Logistics Corp. commits to keep improving the quality of our services”, as indicated by Walter M. Laffitte, President & CEO.

OMNI Conference, 2018 – A Summary

The annual OMNI conference took place in Palm Beach, Florida from 19-22 March 2018. The OMNI conference is open to all OMNI members and provides a forum for the owners and CEOs of the world’s leading mobility companies to share experiences and learn from each other.

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Mark Olsen Presents at OMNI Annual Conference

OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International) held its annual conference this week at the Four Seasons Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida from the 19th through the 22nd. OMNI invited Parsifal CEO, Mark Olsen, to an informative interview session as a pioneer and market leader in relocation technology and audits. Interviewer Nigel Saunders (Nuss Relocations) provided Mr. Olsen with a wide range of questions to learn more about Parsifal, its services and most current technologies to explore how OMNI members can operate to facilitate their processes more efficiently.

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OMNI takes risk and compliance seriously by making Dow Jones vetting compulsory throughout its network

OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International) has become the first mobility commercial network in the world to have 100% of its members, and their supply chains, vetted for risk and compliance through a third party.  This provides all OMNI members’ clients – corporate, Relocation Management Companies (RMC), trade and private – with the best possible assurance that the entire OMNI network is free from compliance concerns.

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Updates to OMNI Country Guides

We have made a number of updates to our comprehensive Country Guides.
Recent updates to guides include: Florida, California, Arkansas, Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Arizona, Alaska and Colorado.
We have also updated and verified visa information for all countries from St Vincent and Grenadines to Zimbabwe. Other time-sensitive information like events and safety information is also updated regularly.

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