The moving industry mourns the loss of Paul Evans

Photo of Paul Evans

Gerson Relocation have, with a heavy heart, announced the sad passing of Chairman, Paul Evans.
Paul has been a friend, mentor, and true inspiration to many throughout his life.
Paul loved the moving industry and was driven by a passion for the business and the people
We are sure you will all join the OMNI Board and office staff in sending condolences and most sincere best wishes to his daughters, India and Charlie, and the rest of his family.
If you would like to share condolences, fond memories and maybe a picture memory please
upload to and they will be shared with his
family and loved ones.


Luis Holst Echeverria leaves Mudanzas Mundiales Mobility

Mudanzas Mundiales have advised that Luis Holst Echeverría, Mobility Manager, is no longer working with them.

“During the 9 years that he worked in the company, he performed first as Quality Improvement Engineer,  before overseeing the pricing unit, until his final appointment as Mobility Manager.” said Carlos José Zuniga, President. 

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Barbara Overbay Promoted to the Role of Vice President of Operations with Aires

Aires is pleased to announce the promotion of Barbara Zuendt Overbay to the role of Vice President, Operations. In this new role, Barbara will have oversight of Aires’ Operations teams globally. She currently manages Aires’ Northeast Region teams; this promotion will increase her responsibility to include all U.S. offices as well as the company’s operations in the EMEA and APAC regions.

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Women in the Trucking Industry

Since its earliest days, the trucking industry has been dominated by men – viewed as the only ones suitable for the “rough and tough” lifestyle, lifting heavy loads and long hours on the road.

This stereotype is becoming a relic as a growing number of women work as professional truck drivers in the United States. In fact, one out of every 10 over-the-road drivers is a woman, according to the 2019 Freight Waves & Women in Trucking Association survey. The American Trucking Association says that over the past 10 years, the number of women truck drivers increased by 68%.

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OMNI Spotlight on… JK Moving Services

Steve Jordan interviews Chuck Kuhn, from JK Moving Services in Sterling, Virginia—near Dulles Airport, to learn about the company he started at just 16 years of age that is now the largest independent moving company in North America.

So, what were you doing when you were 16? Chuck Kuhn was starting a moving company.  I was intrigued to know why.

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OMNI Spotlight on… The Paxton Companies

Steve Jordan puts the spotlight on new OMNI Probationer member Paxton to learn more about the company’s long history in the international moving industry and why it joined the network.

When Fredrick D. Paxton founded a furniture moving business in Washington D.C. way back in 1901 using mules and donkeys as the motive power, he could have had little idea that 120 years later his burgeoning company would develop into the global moving and logistics specialist it is today.

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OMNI spotlight on… Freeline Movers

Freeline Movers – Leading the way in Pakistan

Freeline Movers is OMNI’s new Probationer in Pakistan. Here, Steve Jordan talks to the owner, Alamgir Shah, about Business development, since he started it in 1988.

It was April 10 1988, a memorable day in Pakistan’s history. Just before 10am, an army ammunition depot located in a densely-populated area between twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, exploded. For over an hour the cities were showered by rockets, artillery, mortar shells and grenades. A report in The New York Times following the day claimed that 75 people had lost their lives and a further 850 had been wounded. In practice, the casualty count was likely to have been much higher.

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OMNI Spotlight on— Vinelli & Scotto

Vinelli & Scotto in Italy joined OMNI as a Probationer in 2019.  Here, Steve Jordan talks to joint owner Renata Busettini about the company run by herself and her sister Laura, and it’s somewhat unusual history.

Vinelli & Scotto is an old company.  It was started in 1890 by Francesco Vinelli who soon joined forces with his cousin Scotto and the dynasty was begun.  But although successful, Vinelli & Scotto was not a dynastic organisation.  In fact, with each passing generation, the company was bought by a new owner who passed the company on through the female line.  In this way, Laura and Renata inherited the company from their father, Ottavio Busettini, who bought the company in 1984 having previously worked with Franzosini.  Ironically, as neither Renata nor Laura have children lined up to inherit the business, history is destined to repeat at some time in the future. The company has two locations: Milan and Turin.

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Bobby Bartle Promoted to the Role of General Counsel with Aires

Aires is pleased to announce the promotion of Bobby Bartle to the role of General Counsel. In this new role, he will lead the legal function at Aires by providing legal advice to the entire organization as well as key stakeholders and executives. Among other responsibilities, the position will focus on contract drafting and negotiation with outside parties, ensuring compliance with employment laws for staff, protecting Aires’ intellectual property interests, managing any potential litigation matters that arise, and monitoring government affairs and compliance issues impacting the company or the services it provides. 

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OMNI spotlight on… Kings International

Kings International is the new Probationer member of OMNI in South Africa.  Steve Jordan interviewed Rolf Lamers, the company’s Managing Director in Cape Town, to find out a little more about the company’s past and present.

Kings Transport was originally formed in Cape Town in 1923 by ‘Old Man’ King, as Rolf affectionately refers to him.  At the time the company had a horse and cart and was mainly involved in the moving of sand and commercial cargo in the local area.  He subsequently left the business to his son, Juno, who many in the industry will remember well today.

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OMNI COVID-19 BULLETIN – The Philippines & Indonesia

Gerry Lane looks at the ways in which COVID-19 has affected his businesses and, perhaps, offers a little inspiration as the world changes.

It is the beginning of November 2020 and Virginia and I are spending some time in Sydney, Australia.  The fact is that the Philippines, where we live most of the time, has severe restrictions on movement and, were we there, we would probably be confined to the house.  I think we’ll stay here for a while enjoying the legendary Australian hospitality.

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Joleen Lauffer, Executive Vice President at Aires in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, looks at the ways in which COVID-19 has affected her business and lessons for the future.

We have around 600 people working at Aires, so when many of them started working from home early this year we had to work really hard to make sure they still felt connected to the organisation. We did this through regular video communications from our leadership team that allowed us to talk to everyone about what was happening in the company and how our work was impacted.  I think these regular touchpoints really helped get us through the transition phase.

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Rolf Lamers of Kings International in Cape Town looks at the ways in which Covid-19 has affected his business and lessons for the future.

It’s amazing how quickly us humans re-invent ourselves.  Only a few months ago we had never heard of Zoom, now most of us spend most of our days talking to people all over the world using the technology.  Good job we do, we would all have been very lonely this year without it.

We have also all got used to the idea of working from home.  I would never have expected that.  But here I am, in my home office, looking at the ocean and carrying on my business just as well as if I were in the office.  We have a timetable that we follow so everyone takes it in turns to go to the office once or twice a week to do the things we can’t do remotely, but somehow we have all worked out how to function more effectively from home.

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Gerson Relocation Ltd is pleased to announce that it has acquired the business and assets of Dijkshoorn Euromovers B.V., a leading moving services provider based in the Netherlands.
The acquisition of the Dijkshoorn business will expand Gerson Relocation’s European service and support capabilities, consistent with the company’s strategy to meet the needs of their clients and allow the company to be prepared for the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

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Kenneth Egelrud from Alfa Quality Moving in Sweden looks at the ways in which Covid-19 has affected his business and lessons for the future.

The Swedish government took a rather different approach to handling the Covid-19 crisis than most.  Rather than shut down completely it took a more light-handed attitude, advising people what to do but not locking them down and allowing business to continue.  The aim from the beginning was to restrict the virus while avoiding affecting society as much as possible.

It’s a strategy that might not have worked everywhere.  We have a relatively low population density and, more importantly, Swedish people are quite used to listening to the government. If they say we need to keep our distance, then we keep our distance, there’s no need for lockdown. We try to keep to the rules. I feel that the strategy has worked quite well both for society and for business. We have been able to continue working all the way through, as long as we stick to the regulations.

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Suddath Earns Another Year of ISO 9001 Recertification

Suddath announced today that it was once again recognized for its excellence across the board with an ISO 9001 recertification, the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Suddath received high marks in a yearly audit required to maintain the certification based on a set of international quality management and assurance standards, which are based on seven principles: customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decision-making and relationship management. 

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