Chris Ace honoured at OMNI

Ian Waters, General Manager of OMNI, presented Chris Ace with a certificate and gift in recognition of his 10 years’ service to OMNI.  The presentation was made in front of the OMNI deligates at the organisation’s annual conference in Zambia on Friday 27th March.  With the exception of Ian himself, Chris now becomes OMNI’s longest […]

OMNI in Zambia

By now most OMNI members will have returned home after the annual conference in Zambia.  It is OMNI’s hope that they do so having gained knowledge, fuelled long-standing friendships, and having had experiences that will stay with them forever.   The Royal Livingstone Hotel was the perfect setting.  It was a relaxed atmosphere, with the […]

Your company in the OMNI Year Book 2015

The OMNI Year Book is already at the planning stage so, if you would like your company to be one of those featured to represent your region, don’t wait, book your place today.   The featured stories cost just £750 for a double-page spread and ongoing promotion in OMNI’s permanent printed record of the year […]

Severe congestion in LA and Long Beach causing delays

The twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are experiencing a logistical nightmare as they struggle to ease a bottleneck that is causing what has been described as the worst shipping crisis in a decade.  The problem stems from an increase in import traffic of around 10% for both ports during September. Figures for […]

Typhoon Glenda hits the Philippines

Typhoon Glenda has ripped through the northern Philippines killing 38 people and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.  It is reported that more than half a million people have had to leave their homes. The category three typhoon carried with it winds of up to 185km/hour and was the strongest storm to hit […]

South Africa bans visa breakers from re-entry

On May 26th 2014, South Africa tightened its immigration regime by enforcing bans on re-entry to all foreign nationals who over stay their visa. Previously foreign nationals who overstayed on their visa would be fined, with no other repercussions.    

Foreign investment in Africa booming

Africa’s share of global foreign direct investment (FDI) projects has reached the highest level in a decade, according to Executing Growth, EY’s 2014 Africa Attractiveness Survey.   The report combines an analysis of international investment into Africa since 2003, with a 2014 survey of over 500 global business leaders about their views on the potential […]

Mixing business and pleasure in Bali

There are many elements that have to come together to create the perfect conference and every year OMNI strives to get the balance right.  This year in Bali, many would say that OMNI got very close to achieving its aim.   First impressions matter and OMNI always takes special care to make sure its delegates […]

OMNI acknowledges its biggest bookers in the annual tonnage awards

OMNI honoured the companies that contribute the most tonnage through the network at its annual conference in Bali.  The statistics used to compile the league tables take into account inbound, outbound and third-country moves. OMNI members are not compelled to ship within the network however all member companies try to keep traffic within the family […]

Transpack Argentina achieve top improver in Bali

Transpack Argentina came top of the ‘Improvers’ category in the OMNI tonnage awards presented in Bali with an impressive 60.04% increase in tonnage through the network compared with last year.  Other gold winners were Sobolak International with an equally commendable 58.85% and Grospiron International with 48.86%   The full list of ‘Improvers’ awards is as […]

Business in Bali

OMNI members gathered in Bali at the beginning of April for the annual OMNI conference.  Yes the surroundings were stunning, but it was business first for the 100+ delegates. The business sessions at the conference were carefully planned to be directly relevant to the day-to-day needs of OMNI members and to continue the discussions from […]

OMNI Golf Tournament Results…

The OMNI Golf Tournament 2014 was played at the dramatic Nirwana Bali Golf Club on 4th April.  The course was inspiring but the heat and humidity draining as the 26 contenders negotiated paddy terraces and sculptured fairways hugging cliff faces – including the breathtaking 7th, the signature par three over a sea gorge with the […]

Ian Waters honoured at Bali conference

Ian Waters, OMNI’s General Manager, was honoured at the OMNI conference in Bali in recognition of his 25 years’ service to the organisation. In his final address to the members as OMNI President, Charles Luyckx said that since Ian joined the organisation 25 years ago it had never looked back.  Charles paid tribute to Ian’s […]

Will Toedtli becomes OMNI President

Willy Toedtli, from Trafimar Group in Mexico, has become the 15th OMNI President.  He assumed his role at the OMNI conference in Bali on 7th April, taking over the two-year appointment from Charles Luyckx from Elliott Mobility. Willy, who has been on the OMNI Board for five years, said that it was a great honour […]

Compliance and the cloud

As business worldwide becomes more concerned about compliance and, at the same time, increasingly attracted by cloud computing, are the two concepts in conflict?   Click here to read more  

Vancouver port strike easing

The previously reported industrial action at the port of Vancouver appears to be easing as meetings between the trucker’s union Unifor and the Ministry of Transport seem to making some headway towards resolving the dispute.  It is expected that a review of the situation will get underway shortly and that Unifor will seek approval from […]

Maersk Sustainability Report 2013

Maersk, the world’s largest shipping line, has published its Sustainability Report 2013 concluding a three-year process to integrate sustainability into business processes. The report explains the progress made as well as the challenges faced by the Group. The full report is available for download to illustrate the steps Maersk has taken and, perhaps, give OMNI […]

Swiss vote to restrict mobility from EU

On 16 February Swiss voters narrowly backed proposals to reintroduce immigration quotas with the European Union.  Although Switzerland is not a member of the EU, its current immigration policy is based on free movement of citizens to and from the EU and on allowing in a restricted number of non-EU citizens. The reintroduction of quotas […]